Wayne Wang is still known for his films “Smoke” “Blue In the Face” and the “Center of the World”, in which he collaborated with the noted Brooklyn writer Paul Auster. “A Thousand Years of Good Prayers”, based on a short story by bestselling writer Yiyun Li is now on playing in Japan. The director Wayne Wang told us in good humor about the secrets of how he tells a good story.
2009.11.16 updat
OUTSIDE IN TOKYO interviewed by phone Olivier Assayas in Paris during the shooting of his new film. He frankly told us about “Noise”, “Clean”, which garnered his former partner Maggie Chang the best actress award at the Cannes Film Festival, and the new film about life of Carlos the Venezuelan terrorist.
2009.8.12 update
Known for his films “Irma Vep”(’96) and “Demonlover”(’02), French film director, Olivier Assayas took on the project for the Musee d’Orsay in Paris. His film “L’heure d’ete (“Summer Hours” ‘08), just released in Japan, and “Noise” and “Clean” will be released this spring and summer, we thought it would be good time to ask him of what seems to be a step back into the lineage of French filmmaking.
2009.5.22 update
French director, Pierre Schöller's first feature film “Versailles” starts on May 2nd in Japan. “Versailles” becomes one of Guillame Depardieu's last films whose unexpected death was a great loss for the entire film world. We asked Pierre Schöller how he managed to get the right balance between a realistic documentary and emotional drama of “Versailles”.
2009.4.30 update
Costa-Gavras has shown his new film “Eden Is West” at the France Film Festival in Japan. Here, the 76 year old director reveals to us, through his journey back to his youth, the very elements of his filmmaking.
2009.4.24 update
The internationally acclaimed, Portuguese film director, Pedro Costa was back in Japan with his new film Colossal Youth (Juventude em Marcha). We "OUTSIDE IN TOKYO" had the privilege to spend the intimate time of 90 minutes with the Director.
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The two masterpieces that could show us the way for the 21 centuries of Cinema
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